The Light Within Us


I would like to thank everyone who’s visiting this webpage. Our meeting isn’t a coincidence. Nothing happens without a reason; that’s the way life works. We meet so that we may learn something. We serve as mirrors to one another; reflecting the beautiful and the ugly within us. At times, we’d love to break those mirrors, while it might be sufficient to just look: what do we see in our eyes? Love and forgiveness? Resentment and anger? It has been said that we see the slightest faults in others while turning a blind eye to our own faults.


Do we sometimes point to things we do not like? We point with one finger, but how many point back to us?


And so, we cut ourselves. Even accidents aren’t coincidental. In fact, it is our SELF warning us that we are doing things differently than the universe intended for us. And why do we cut ourselves most often into the index finger? The index fingers is a passage; a passages of the energetic routes of the colon and the colon releases everything that‘s undigested and harmful. So why do we so fiercely hold on to old resentments

and pains? Why are we so reluctant to forgive others and ourselves? Constipations and colon cancers should be a sufficient warning.


Fortunately, the universe has given us the tools to return matters to their original balance. Pain and chaos, confusion and disease; all can be fixed- if we understand why pain and disease have come to us in the first place. Let’s accept, that life is a school. We train so we may learn what’s really important. The other option is to curse life, and people; people who don’t understand anything and all they do is hurt us. Then, we will bid goodbye to one trainer, only to attract a similar one. We have a choice in life: are we victims, or creators?



Welcome to my website. Here you’ll find information on the interconectedness of things, ways to help yourself, examples of my therapies, e-books Art therapy for free and Heal your life and relationships.


Let us find the Light, that resides in each and every one of us.



The world will start to change

As soon as we change our approach to it

Within us!


We all carry a light within us

That guides us even in the darkest hour.

There are many ways.

Each way will take us precisely

Where we need to be in that given moment.

All for our experience, knowledge,

Understanding, and healing.

At times, the journey gets hard, but…

…in moments of doubt- ask yourself-

Does the sun worry about not rising the next day?


This website does not deal with magic or esoterics

These pages are about the logical connections, principles and interconnectedness of our actions and reactions; everything is related, everything is interconnected.

If my way of searching, my trials and errors should be helpful to anyone on their Journey, I thank you.

Because no information, no encounter, albeit virtual, is coincidental.

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